Systems Development Life Cycle

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a system development life cycle

And when the output is unstable, the company’s reputation gets damaged. SDLC is crucial because it breaks up the long and tedious life cycle of software development. By and large, evaluating each part of the development is much easier and it helps a system development life cycle programmers concurrently work on every stage. Implement Source Control by keeping the code in a single location, with secure and logged access. This could be a physical location where files are stored and accessed in a single room in the building.

The 6 Phases Of The Software Development Life Cycle

At some point before each release, specifications would be frozen and the remaining time spent on fixing bugs. In SDLC, documentation is crucial, regardless of the type of model chosen for any application, and is usually done in parallel with the development process. Some methods work better for specific kinds of projects, but in the final analysis, the most crucial factor for the success of a project may be how closely the particular plan was followed. A database system is an integral component of a big organization’s IT system. The database development life cycle involves planning, designing, implementing, and maintaining a database system so it would fulfill an enterprise’s functional requirements.

What consists of a series of tiny projects?

Iterative development consists of a series of tiny projects. It has become the foundation of multiple agile methodologies. An agile methodology aims for customer satisfaction through early and continuous delivery of useful software components developed by an iterative process using the bare minimum requirements.

Hardware is purchased and installed, and software is coded and then loaded on a testing platform. Step three in the SDLC is reserved for listing features that support the system’s proper functioning. For example, an inventory control system may need to handle at least 15 users or that it should interface with the U.S. Computer professionals created the System Development Life Cycle as a series of steps designed to manage system development.

Importance Of Systems Development Life Cycle

Understanding of Software Development Life Cycle makes the process of project management efficient. During this period a part of the project team continues to work with the application after it gets to the users. Update to the product.Maintenance PhaseThe project team works further to stabilize the product or service.

After that, you may want to incorporate high-level feasibility analysis here. In the end, you need requirements that software engineers will understand. After you planned how to manage the project, you need to find out what you need to develop. Or you’ll commit to delivering specific scope by the specific deadline.

Examples Of Software Development Life Cycles

Performing steps in a development process just for the sake of doing so can waste valuable effort and time. On the other hand, removing unnecessary stages provides teams with multiple benefits, such as early system deployment or flexibility to solve unplanned problems down the road. In this stage, the goal is to create a design plan out of identified software specifications. Every person involved in the development should share their feedback and offer their suggestions. It’s also essential that there’s a streamlined procedure for collecting input into the documentation. Documentation can be a formal process, including wiring a user guide for the application.

System definition — determining the limits of a database system, like the number of users and application areas. For example, as the system analyst of Viti Bank, you have been tasked to examine the current information system. Customers in remote rural areas are finding difficulty to access the bank services. It a system development life cycle takes them days or even weeks to travel to a location to access the bank services. With the vision of meeting the customers needs, the bank has requested your services to examine the current system and to come up with solutions or recommendations of how the current system can be provided to meet its needs.


The planning phase isthe most essential aspectof the Software Development Process. In this phase, business analysts, project managers, and domain experts compile and analyze business requirements. This would cover formulating a timetable with target goals, calculating labor and material costs, and establishing the project’s teams and leadership structure. It’s quite easy to overlook the fundamental Software Development Processes for a successful SDLC given software development complexity.

  • Other documents are revised to reflect the results of analyses performed in later phases.
  • There is a continuous need for innovation that demands your software to grow and develop with the market.
  • Doing so enables you to come up with an end result that perfectly suits your particular needs and situation.
  • They are usually involved from the beginning stages of a project and up until the post-evaluation review of the solution.
  • Even when an enterprise utilizes the same methods, different project tools and techniques can differ dramatically.
  • They’ll be more engaged in the whole project when a difficult process of software development is simplified to images of the future product.
  • Pay close attention to the possible risks and integration requirements of other services.


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